Communicating the Beck's Vier
brand story
and quality credentials

A fresh and innovative perspective for the Becks Vier font

The brand

Ads2 has been lucky to be involved with the Beck's Vier proposition since its launch as a brand new product in 2006.
Our involvement since the beginning has allowed the design and engineering teams to explore and enhance the proposition in partnership with multiple creative agencies and the brand team.

The relationship with the Beck's Vier Brand has seen the evolution of the brand in many stages. From the first design iteration of a radical font, designed to deliver a singular proposition for the Beck's Vier brand whilst minimising tooling and investment all within a timeline that we were told was impossible – exactly the challenge ADS2 rises to.

The concept

From the first concept in January 2006 we engineered, developed and created a unit that was delivered at the end of March!

ADS2 did not compromise on innovation due to the tight timeframe within the font was a new cooling system that delivered condensation to the external body. This cooling system delivered a 40% reduction in heat-load on the python a real innovation in a market with many flooded brass fonts!

With the launch successful ADS2 and the Brand team embarked on a relationship that explored and delivered the evolving proposition for the Beck's Vier brand and equally importantly the evolving marketplace over the years.

Revisiting the roots

In 2016 the providence of Beck's Vier was the focus – the Brand had been built from its adherence to the Reinheisgebot purity law of 1516, purity, honesty and quality.

Beck's Vier respected this the name not only reflects the alcohol content but more importantly the core proposition of Reinheisgebot 4 ingredients: HOPS, BARLEY, YEAST & WATER.

Taking the 2006 font as the starting point and refining the innovative decoration techniques developed for the limited Edition fonts ADS2 and the design agency, BLOOM, were able to explore, refine and deliver a bold new position for the Vier brand with limited investment and lead-time.

Heritage, Purity, Quality and Pioneering Spirit are now presented as a single Brand Essence; within a Design Intent that is bold and has great present on the bar.

Branding and the Reinheisgebot proposition are communicated and carried within the decoration of the new Becks Vier font. Within this decoration is a mnemonic pattern that is harnessed across the entire portfolio for Becks Vier in the on-trade arena.

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