building a total presentation. KORNUIT – URBAN ICONOGRAPHY

The new Kornuit beer font demonstrates that each project by Ads2 gets individual attention from start to finish.

The brand

Kornuit is a domestic dutch pilsner from Grolsch with a truly loyal following. Its heritage is routed in its honesty, urban roots and heritage and this needed to be played back to the consumer in the new font presentation.
Building on the industrial roots of the consumer and delivering a single minded unadulterated proposition the design of the Kornuit beer font is the embodiment of the urban environment.

The concept

Nothing is hidden the welds and finish of the tubular construction is how it comes from the process, it makes no apologies for where it has come from. The copper should is allowed to be naturally tarnished and marked as any piece of copper would become in an industrial environment. Building on this uncompromising honesty the condensation effect is built on the outside of the unit, no longer do we hide the details.

Final Result

Branding is delivered in simple executions with the Kornuit branding cut out of the copper shroud allowing light to shine through. The front lens is an endorsement of the production quality rather than a refined brand mark.

The single green jewel of the presentation is the Grolsch endorsement a beautiful clear green lens with embossed branding.

Fabricated from industrial tubing, built using industrial process the Kornuit font makes no apologies for its provenance, it celebrates its roots and shows the world what an honest statement of brand intent can be an proud of its roots the complete Kornuit presentation.

'the key top success is knowing where we are starting from'

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