building a total presentation. KORNUIT – URBAN ICONOGRAPHY

The new Kornuit beer font demonstrates that each project by Ads2 gets individual attention from start to finish.

The brand

ADS2 Brands is fortunate to work with many of the world's leading brewers, often helping to launch new beer brands into local and niche markets where the company's experience and ability to deliver low quantity bespoke solutions provides a real advantage.
Working with the Grolsch brand, part of the SABMiller Group, we recently helped to deliver a new bespoke beer font for Kornuit (an extension of Grolsch that's exclusive to the Dutch market).

Kornuit is a domestic dutch pilsner from Grolsch with a truly loyal following. It was created to meet the growing demand for authentic craft beers, and reflects the quality and craftsmanship synonymous with the Grolsch brand. Its heritage is routed in its honesty, urban roots and heritage and this needed to be played back to the consumer in the new font presentation.
Building on the industrial roots of the consumer and delivering a single-minded unadulterated proposition the design of the Kornuit beer font is the embodiment of the urban environment.

The concept

Designed specifically to stand out against more traditional presentations, the new bespoke beer font evokes an urban look an feel that fits perfectly with the lifestyle of its target consumer and the industrial areas within Holland where Kornuit is most commonly available on draught.

Only 100 fonts were required for the launch, so it was important we worked closely with the brand's appointed design agency from the outset, using our design skills, technical know-how and manufacturing expertise to help deliver a robust, timely and commercially viable execution of the design.

Nothing is hidden; the welds and finish of the tubular construction is how it comes from the process, it makes no apologies for where it has come from. The copper is allowed to be naturally tarnished and marked as any piece of copper would become in an industrial environment. Building on this uncompromising honesty the condensation effect is built on the outside of the unit; no longer do we hide the details.

Final Result

The result is truly unique. The body of the beer column is made of stainless steel and the top piece is made of copper; both are left unfinished and designed to tarnish naturally within trade. Same for the twist of copper pipe which encircles the beer tower and delivers eye-catching condensation. Welding points are also left unfinished and, together with font's sturdy wooden handle, they help to reinforce the story of the brand.

For additional standout on the bar, illuminated branding points have been laser cut into the side of the copper top piece, while side and front-facing badges carry the Kornuit branding, as well as the Grolsch identity to underpin the brand's heritage.

Branding is delivered in simple executions with the Kornuit branding cut out of the copper shroud allowing light to shine through. The front lens is an endorsement of the production quality rather than a refined brand mark.

The single green jewel of the presentation is the Grolsch endorsement a beautiful clear green lens with embossed branding.

Fabricated from industrial tubing, built using industrial process the Kornuit font makes no apologies for its provenance, it celebrates its roots and shows the world what an honest statement of brand intent can be an proud of its roots the complete Kornuit presentation.

This was a truly exciting project to work on, and the ADS2 team was delighted to play a leading role in manufacturing the design and helping to make SABMiller's vision for Kornuit a reality.


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