Harnessing Processes, exploiting technology to deliver better thought out solutions

We are experts at delivering bespoke design and engineering projects

Our heritage is our character with a glance to the future

ADS2 has evolved over the past 18 years, through a change in focus and philosophy through to acquisition and mergers. This evolution has been key to our growth but more importantly recognising and maintaining the core heritage and experience has driven our success. We have not forgotten our roots we have allowed ourselves to grow naturally, augmenting our experience and harnessing new ways of thinking in order to be able to respond to the changing customer and consumer needs of the global markets. We do not build on what's gone before, we recognise what works and refocus it to deliver more.

Our Vision

We don't stand still. We have a culture of constant development; from identifying new dispense ideas and innovations to embracing new manufacturing techniques, high quality materials and finishing processes – we always look to push to get more out of the processes we have – building ideas that can be leveraged for our customers. It also means that we must listen carefully to our customers, and make the process of working together simple, flexible, hassle-free and effective. Great service is in the detail and we are utterly committed to being indispensable and going that extra mile. We are committed to increasing our offer and investing in the people and resources needed to deliver the products, services, innovation and quality our customers demand - today as well as tomorrow.

Delivering Excellence

strategic design and innovation for manufacture

Ads2 team is specialised in bespoke design projects of beer dispensing equipment, merchandising and branding solutions. It provides expertise to the big brands in the beverage sector offering them the possibility present a coordinated and impactful brand image. The company has evolved throughout many years of working closely with multiple businesses as supply chain partners. Celli UK selects our supply chain carefully ensuring that we identify 'best in class' partners; partners that are as passionate and committed to delivering more as we are. Celli SPA recognised that combining these skills would deliver so much more, we could build on our success.
ADS2 was created to harness knowledge, skill, experience, knowhow and an already established way of working, into a single focused business, by the amalgamation and acquisition of key supply chain partners into a single business. A business that could stretch beyond its conventional markets, a business that could now exploit one clear key focus: delivering excellence through a truly vertically integrated offer formed from both processes and people.

More than brewery

delivering thinking, design, solutions
and innovation into multiple markets


ATTENTION FOR Green Responsibility

As part of the Celli Group commitment to Environmental stewardship, we are always exploring how to minimise the impact of the materials and processes we use. And today, being environmental is more than recycling! We introduced bamboo as a sustainable raw material for delivering environmentally responsible columns. Not only does the 100% recyclability and full biodegradable nature of the material deliver a new environmental standard for plastics, the nature of the Bamboo fibres create a beautiful and very different look and feel for the components – a brand new aesthetic language to explore. We also use post consumer plastic bottle waste and reclaimed fishing nets harvested from the beach being to ongoing examples.

Circular economy projects

We are introducing the use of recycled plastic to do our part in terms of environmental sustainability and to give our customers the chance to develop circular economy projects, transferring part of their discarded products into new components that take on a new life.