tennent’s: an award winning custom brand experience

The custom Tennents font shows the power of custom design and subtle artistry.

The brand

ADS2 brands is delighted to report that its new font for Tennent's - Scotland's best-selling lager brand - has won gold in the design category at the Marketing society Scotland Star Awards 2017.
A shining example of collaboration and partnership, the font was developed jointly by ADS2 Brands, Tennent's Caledonian Breweries and the Glasgow-based design and branding agency D8, which was nominated for Scotland's most hotly contested marketing award.

The concept

Entries were judged on how they delivered strategic and creative excellence and design effectiveness, with the Tennent's font cited for its originality, creativity, execution and implementation.
Designed to drive sales, improve standout, and maximise the strength of the brand, the font benefits from cutting edge manufacturing and printing techniques developed by ADS2 Brands. These allow for branding to be changed quickly and simply on the bar, giving Tennent's a customisable media space in every outlet, which can be used for promotional opportunities and targeted messaging.

Final Result

The font comprises three main elements: THE CORE, LENS CARRIER AND LENS. The core is built around a central spine of LEDs, over which sits the opaque injection moulded convex lens carrier. Over this is placed the vacuum formed acrylic lens, which acts like a branded skin covering the body of the font. Branding messages can be changed quickly and easily on the bar and tailored to the needs of individual outlets and marketing campaigns, helping Tennent’s to engage with new markets and consumers while also creating a real talking point on the bar.

All of the print was produced in-house, and required careful control and manipulation of the artwork to ensure each branded lens was free of distortion once formed to the carrier’s shape.

This flexible approach means that one-off designs can be produced cost effectively, with one being the minimum order quantity.
Attending the awards were ADS2 Brands creative and technical director, Sean Fortune, and global key account director, Tracey Godwin who said: "We are thrilled that the Tennent’s font has received such recognition, and that it is proving to be such a success in trade where it has delivered a 4.4% uplift in volumes.
The font is being installed in every pub across Scotland, which should see an additional 4.4m pints of Tennent’s poured, so the future continues to look golden!"

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