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An excellent font for an excellent beer: the Lion beer font

The brand

When ADS2 is asked to explore what could be we will always work with the customer to understand exactly what is required. Once we have that understanding we can explore what can be done.
With the Lion Brand in Sri Lanka the challenge was simple, can we have a branded font that is our brand, here ADS2 took the customer request at face value.

The concept

Developing the design language for the font it became apparent that the form and the image were to be challenging to create in a CAD environment.

Working with sketches ADS2 employed traditional sculpting to create the font proposition.

Within this creative framework we could define the engineering requirements but most importantly maintain the subtlety and appearance of the sculpted lion form.

The sculpted part became the pattern for the resin casting and the Lion font proposition was born.

Delivering a product plus

The ability to be flexible in how we work and to understand what the customer wants has always allowed ADS2 to respond to any brief with a meaningful brand proposition.

The Lion font was developed with traditional skills and processes, controlled as a piece of art and most importantly delivered exactly what the customer wanted, the Lion Brand with illuminated front badge.

A bespoke font of that only required 50 pieces.

the definition of an 'APPLIED DESIGN SOLUTIONS'

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