Helping Grolsch standout with an "unconventional" font

The custom Grolsch beer font shows the power of custom design and subtle artistry.

The brand

"Grolsch is one of the world’s oldest beer brands and has a history of doing things differently," says Julian Barber, commercial director for ADS2 Brands in the UK and Ireland. "We were delighted to work with the team at Molson Coors UK, and deliver the new Grolsch beer font that demonstrates its characteristic flair for the unconventional."

The concept

The vinyl wrap features a series of illustrations created by UK art collective I Love Dust which include the iconic Grolsch bottle surrounded by imagery that celebrates the brand’s long-established connections with food, music and film.

Final Result

For Grolsch THE VINYL WRAP includes images of a fork that reflects the year the utensil became mainstream – 1615 – which was also the year the beer was created.

There are also illustrations of musical instruments, cassettes and vinyl that represent the brand's link to music, while images of popcorn and film reels reflect Grolsch's link to the arts and its on-going partnership with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

The 'Unconventional by Tradition since 1615' campaign highlights the Grolsch brand's essence of originality and its belief that an open-minded, unconventional approach to life is what creates the most interesting, progressive and original ideas and innovations.

Similar to those used within the automotive industry, wraps can be applied to just about any substrate and will conform perfectly to curved and flat surfaces alike, with no risk of cracking, peeling or shrinking.

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