developing a strategic vision - mARSTON’S flexible font range

The challenge of the new Marstons beer font

The vision

When approached by Marston's to create a font for the new FC smooth beer brand, ADS2 helped define a strategic vision for the investment required.
This vision was simple in creating a font for the new brand we proposed developing a unit that could carry multiple Marston's brands. This approach offset the investment required in the unit across more than the volumes predicted for the FC launch. It focused the design study and in partnership with the Marston's marketing team and the Brand Design agency ADS2 crafted a singular proposition.

The concept

Moving away from traditional brass and die-casting ADS2 proposed a simple two piece injection moulding. This new approach allowed the design intent of a single piece of sculptured form reminiscent of a Henry Moore sculpture to be delivered.The moulding were bonded together and then painted with a technical paint finish from the FMCG arena.

This finish created a speckled effect on the naked plastic part, giving the look and feel of stone. ADS2 then wen further and fitted sound deadening material to remove the hollow plastic sound creating the embodiment of the design intent.

Final Result

The engineering of the unit was elegant in its simplicity - the angled dispense face was fitted with an external metal bracket, this bracket not only carried the load of the tap but also provided the fixing for the clamp and drip tray.

Brand extensions were delivered through changing the applied finish and developing alternative graphics for the drape formed reverse printed lens.

'delivering a design and commercial strategy through creative thinking'

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