20/06/2020 - DESIGN DIARIES
Design diaries
KRONENBOURG 1664 Blanc - the iconic tower with the characteristic "twist"

The exclusive Kronenbourg Blanc bespoke beer font


Creating the new Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc bespoke beer font faced several challenges the most significant was to deliver the design intent for the brand within the confines of manufacturability and budget. Maintaining the Brand image was important as this new bespoke beer font for the Kronenbourg Brand is the new Global dispense Icon in both existing and new markets 

The ADS2 proposal concentrates around the idea of a bespoke beer font which would resemble the Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc Blue bottle with a twist added by the aligned design agency. As part of this aesthetic development the 1664 Blanc beer font was engineered in partnership with the Kronenbourg team, to not only create the iconic form but also engineered for simple construction. Creating a structural core that carries the Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc branding body as a shroud.

Injection moulded in blue PMMA Acrylic the font body is welded together with the vacuum formed diffuser shroud. This engineering solution delivers the brand intent of the twist together with the blue bottle effect with internal illumination. This sculptural body becomes the icon for 1664 with Blanc and other brands being delivered through bespoke thermoformed lenses. This belief in delivering the brand intent was followed through to the handle, which maintains all of the sculptural elegance of the bespoke beer font in a simple casting process, delivering a standalone proposition for T-Bar installations.

The lens form itself of this bespoke beer font was challenging in many ways, creating the compound for and cutting to shape as well as maintaining the colour pallet and illumination levels of the core brand icons. This required ADS2 to develop a hybrid printing process marrying different print techniques to deliver the branding in it truest form. The lens form itself requires thermoforming into shape, but the complex nature of the bespoke beer font and lens panel involves 3 axis cnc machining to deliver the final part. This complex series of developments was made easier through the vertical integration of print, moulding forming and trimming in the ADS2 business

The Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc bespoke beer font project started with a clear vision of the design intent; this was reinforced through the Brands team desire to have a super-premium proposition. Celli UK delivered on this Brand vision and desire for an ownable global mnemonic through the integration of all aspects of the development within the single business – marketing, design, engineering, toolmaking, moulding and printing were all part of the UK team that worked closely with the Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc team delivering the end product through shared vision, team ownership and common goals.


All the research efforts in the last decades have delivered the ADS2 wide range of tap handles, beer towers, beer faucets and more.

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