Dispense delivered

An exceptional font for an exceptional beer: the Tuborg Draughtmaster font

The brand

ADS2 has worked with the Carlsberg Draughtmaster team for over 16 years, helping to develop and enhance the proposition for the draughtmaster system.
Draughtmaster is Carlsberg's proprietary dispense system – Fridge, collapsible PET keg and dispense interface.
ADS2 have been development partners with Carlsberg AS on the dispense interface of the Draughtmaster system since the beginning.

The concept

The DM1 tap actuator formed part of the roll-out of the Draughtmaster system.

This dispense actuator also included the nozzle that is part of the disposable keg and beer-line.

Designed to function as a conventional tap, the DM1 actuator has a tightly controlled interface with the disposable nozzle ensuring a perfect drink every time.

Final Result

The DM1 actuator is supplied as part of the DM1 dispense tower and is also used on modified towers around the world, all fitted to the Draughtmaster dispense system all delivering excellent product quality.


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