Dispense enhanced

A premium proposition for this Carlsberg dispense system

The challenge

Following the success of Draughtmaster at launch Carlsberg as challenge Ads2 and the development team to create a more premium proposition for the Draughtmaster dispense unit. the new design was to have enhanced access, better branding and a far more contemporary image on the Draughtmaster fridge.

This challenging design and engineering project was a collaboration between ADS2 and the Carlsberg AS technical team – a single cohesive project team focused on a single vision with one common goal – deliver a new and innovative dispense system to the global market.

The concept

DM2 used to the same Carlsberg Draughtmaster system but the new DM2 font was a radical departure from the original. Designed as a 2 piece die-cast unit that hinged open allowing for easy routing of the disposable beer-line and installation of the dispense nozzle.

Final Result

The engineering of the unit went further with the insulation forming the retention feature for the replaceable lens. The replaceable lens system was engineered with the future in mind – it was designed to be able to take illumination if required later on in the lifespan of the product.

All of this innovation was refined and delivered to ensure that DM2 would reach new markets for Carlsberg brands dispensed with the Draughtmaster system.

Draughtmaster2 has proved successful shipped from the UK assembly site to over 47 countries with over 70,000 units supplied.


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