Dispense reimagined

As the Draughtmaster proposition grew globally Carlsberg AS recognised the need to reimagine the Draughtmaster brand as a more premium offer. To do this key aspects of the DM2 design needed to be challenged and reimagined.

The brand

Lighting become a 'must have' larger branding area and a distinctly more contemporary image for the Draughtmaster proposition all became the core of the DM3 brief.
Working in close partnership with the Carlsberg AS Technical team ADS2 were able to develop a design concept around the functional and technical constraints of operation and manufacturing. Developing the distinctive form for the unit required the use of die-cast components, experience from the markets and the environments that the DM unit works in required a robust finish, architectural powder coating fulfilled this critical performance criteria.

The concept

Injection moulding was used for the handle and the lens POD and removable bezel this was spray finished to match the powder coat.

The oversized lens was produced using thermoforming of reverse printed PETG which is machine cut within ADS2 Brand engineering shop.

The actuator and door clip feature were the most challenging parts of the project with the tightly controlled tolerances for functionality requiring fine control of the injection moulded components produced by ADS2 brands.

Final Result

Tooling and development in-house with the vertically integrated team streamlined this process creating a robust controlled proposition for the new DM3 font.

'a long term partnership delivers shared vision, team ownership and common goals'

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