lighting the path for others - Heineken highlight

The challenge of the Heineken highlight tap design prokect

The brand

Heineken Highlight was just such a challenge, explore ways of illuminating the beer as it is poured. Within the project scope over the timespan of the project there were 3 target iterations
Highlight David
Highlight CIT

The concept

Highlight was a stand alone retrofit system that could be fitted to any Heineken tap in trade. This required ADS2 to develop a removeable nozzle containing the LED and a flow sensor, a control box and a writing look for the unit. Highlight utilised a single high powered LED that fired through a bespoke lens to put light directly into the beer stream in the nozzle. This combined with the flow sensor that was engineered to detect the difference between beer and foam created a true innovation.

Final Result

Highlight David used the sae principle in the nozzle but here the single tap type allowed for an injection moulded version to be developed, there was no need for a flow sensor as we could package all of the electronics in the handle with the light being activated via a tilt switch when the tap was opened.
Highlight for the CIT system was built on the proprietary Heineken CIT tap that already had a transparent nozzle. Though clever engineering and collaboration with the Heineken team ADS2 were able to embed the light source and electronics package into the front of the tap. By adding a simple reed switch and magnet actuator the tap handle the unit again was activated as the tap was opened.

The highlight project delivered a radical series of truly innovative dispense enhancements. This was achieved through a truly seamless collaboration with the ADS2 supply partners and the Heineken NL team.

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