building on strong foundations - Streamline DUBAI

A fresh and innovative perspective for the new Fosters beer font

The brand

Fosters International developed an in font cooling system called streamline.
This heat exchange coil fitted inside typical large Australian font propositions. This heat exchange unit was the foundation for the development of a new dispense proposition for Dubai and the Middle East markets.

The concept

As part of the creative exercise ADS2 had to work to establish a design language for the Fosters' brand a language that reflected Australian heritage. Working with the International Brand team and in partnership with the local markets the design language established was surprising, a very literal embodiment of Australian heritage.

With the boomerang as the foundation of the design language the design study could start. The key constraints were – the size of the Streamline unit, and the volumes the order initially was for 50 units.


For ADS2 the development of the part weas exciting and a great opportunity to do something different. Exploiting robust supply chain partnerships and vertical integrated thinking ADS2 were able to craft a ceramic font that not only housed the Streamline unit it also provided the key Fosters branding in an illuminated format.

ADS2 delivered an iconic piece of design developed to build on existing technology, delivering internationally the new Fosters beer font proposition into emerging markets.


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