evolving innovation and propositions - foster’s

The vision and contemporary design behind the last Fosters tap handle

The challenge

With the development of the hit (head injection technology) tap in partnership with Scotco, ADS2 created the benchmark for dispense innovation. Dispense was now controlled whatever the skill level of the bar staff. Simply open the tap to dispense the beer and then press the hit button to create a tight creamy head – dispense was redefined.
As with any innovation there is always the question to we evolve the proposition or build a new system. The HIT tap population made it very difficult to justify a radical new dispense proposition – strategic innovation was required.

The concept

Working in partnership with Heineken UK the challenge was to redefine the HIT tap, create a better system, but equally importantly allow for brand to have better presence on the tap – enter the POURTAL project.


Pourtal was a redefinition of the HIT tap a change with very little change of the functionality of the tap but a radical point of difference in it's operation. The second operation of pressing the button was removed. By engineering the handle base differently the HIT tap became the POURTAL tap with the second stage pour being delivered through a push forward a new way of operating the tap.

Whilst a subtle change this allowed the brands far more freedom to explore different designs for the new Fosters tap handle – the functionality of the HIT tap was a restriction and more importantly the removal of the obvious button press gave consumers more confidence in the system.

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