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Tuborg beer tap handles: a design project which reflects a distillation of skill, experience, and our client relationships.

Distinctive design and engineering

Sometimes the size of the project does not reflect the creativity and engineering that goes into delivering the part.
The design and engineering project of the new Tuborg beer tap handles and lens demonstrates the expertise of the ADS2 design team. We have been honoured to work with the Carlsberg team for many years and have produced a range of bespoke fonts and accessories for both local and global markets.

The combination of multiple materials and processes the requirement for tight tolerances and fits combined with print in register and complex finishes makes this simple elegant execution of a Brand proposition challenging and incredibly rewarding to deliver.
Working with the UK Tuborg marketing team, ADS2 need to engineer and develop the 'Clockman' proposition into a custom tap handle and lens specifically for the UK T-bar market.

The execution

After working closely with the customer's brands and technical team, the ADS2 design team started following the Project Path. This ensures key development milestones are identified and achieved, starting from Insight and Discovery, which is probably the most important stage within any project, where we define the creative and technical brief with the customer.
Understanding is essential to every successful project. Every designer should be able to work to a brief, but understanding the business requirements behind it, and being able to make positive suggestions as to how a brief can be improved, is something completely different. This is where our experience as designers and engineers gives us a unique perspective and distinct advantage.
Bespoke tap handles tell the story of the beer brand. ADS2 begin with a collaborative design process where the brand ideas come to life. Our experienced team will advise the consumer on everything from high quality materials, manufacturing processes, budget, volume & delivery logistics.

Through collaboration and implicit understanding of what can be achieved, the ADS2 team were able to create the iconic handle out of three separate components – the die-cast rear, injection moulded front panel and the iconic 'Clockman' mnemonic.

Level of detail

These three components required tight control to ensure a great fit but more importantly they required secondary operations to deliver the quality finish required for the brand. Automotive paint finishing processes combined with the same print technology ADS2 Brands uses to print McLaren car parts delivered the iconic front decoration on the handle.

The T-bar lens created another series of challenges, how to create and deliver the 'Clockman' echo in a meaningful way! Here ADS2 used multiple layers within a simple injection moulding to deliver the required image. By creating recesses in the back of the lens we were able to fill the Brand mark and the 'Clockman' echoes in different colours that illuminated.

This when combined with direct printing in register on the rear of the lens created a 3D image that reinforced the brand proposition through intrigue and engagement.

The vision of this project was to help Tuborg deliver a best-in-class draught experience, by bringing the rituals and standards of the brand to life. They help the brand to engage with consumers and through quality design and execution reinforce the brand's credentials and outpace the competition.

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