15/06/2020 - DESIGN DIARIES
Design Diaries
A new look for Sightglass, in total Staropramen style!

The bespoke Staropramen tower

The bespoke Staropramen beer font was created when Molson Coors UK commissioned Celli UK with the design of an innovative concept to substitute the present tower for Staropramen, brewery from Prague, descendant of the great tradition of Czech beer production, founded in 1869 and famous above all for its use of original Saaz hops, particular species of barley and yeast, to later become part of Molson Coors in 2012.

In this scenario the production guidelines were very clear and linear: a product which exalted the perception of pub draught beer was necessary, it would have to improve performance in terms of refrigeration of the beer while being tapped and which could count on a wide availability of taps suitable to different markets, since this particular beer is exported in more than 37 countries all over the world.  

The creation of the tower has raised great interest on behalf of ADS2 designers, who have decided to incorporate a personalisation into the Sightglass beer tower, unique for various aspects, such as in the use of copper, the model of the tap, the use of the colours of the client’s brand and the 3D lenses.   

Going more into detail, in order to maintain the “look and feel” requested by the client, the font has been designed in brushed copper and subsequently wrapped with the desired graphics. This characteristic further demonstrates the particular attention towards the client, since it makes the brand and the chromatic details of the Czech brewery itself well visible.    

Precisely to maintain the colours of the brand over the entire tower, even the tap and its handle have, where possible, copper finishing, with the sole exception of the black spout.  

The 3D lens is lit thanks to the LED mounted just behind the main lens printed on the front. A lens which stands out not only because of the dark chrome of the font, but also because of the particular position below the glass “window” where it is possible to see the beer flow through with its characteristic colouring.    

In fact, it is the iconic SightGlass tower, with its new look, elegant, refined and in complete Staropramen style, able to provide an exhilarating tapping experience perfectly in sync with the most elegant and sophisticated bars and pubs.

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