'making off the shelf' different - DIAGEO ireland

The Diageo beer tap lens project for increasing brand visibility through a contemporary design

When "off the shelf" is'nt enough

In some markets, especially the Irish market T-Bar dispense has been replaced with a bank of standard Tubular fonts. This creates a new modern retail environment but also creates challenges for Brand standout and communication – the challenge to ADS2 was simple.

Brand presence

Rising to the challenge ADS2 faced 3 key problems to be solved:
How to manage installing an electrical cable.
Creating a lens proposition that would take multiple Brands.
The kit – how to fit the new branding as a simple installation in trade.

ADS2 worked from first principles – find a way of getting wiring in place, then design a method of managing and containing the wiring. Alongside this the lens format and fixing system was designed and prototyped.

Delivering a product plus

The retrofit kit for Diageo branding on the Tubular towers is simple and elegant in it's execution.

The tower is untouched, the distinctive reverse printed injection moulded lens rests in a bespoke chrome plated bezel with integral lighting and a saddle clamp for retention onto the font. The wiring is pulled though the font and hidden behind a flexible conduit attached to the rear of the font.

Design for manufacture, delivering a product plus and most importantly elevating the Brand proposition in a very competitive market.